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Mask Map Exporter - multi-terrain


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Im trying to bake erosion/cavity across terrains, it's seems like the mask map exporter rolls each one separately though so they dont line up. I assume there's some randomness because bakes change every time.


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Is this a larger world? If yes, this is a general problem with mask types that are depending on neighboring terrain data: When Gaia does its mask evaluations, there are certain size limits we have to stick to since we cannot send unlimited data to the GPU in a single step, so at a certain point we need to process a world in multiple iterations.
When we do that, there are certain mask types that are problematic in that regard, e.g. the convex / concave mask - to determine whether a spot on the terrain is convex or concave, we need to look at the surrounding terrain heights - if we get close to the border of a spawner call, we cannot access the surrounding height data anymore, this will be handled in the next iteration call - this then leads to the concavity mask not "connecting" across the iteration borders.
We have not found a good solution for this issue yet, as this is more a logical problem that comes out of the technical size limitation. One way to solve it would be to do an expensive preprocessing step where we gather all the convex / concave info per mask beforehand and cache it to disk, the spawner could then access this cached data for the actual spawn. This would however require loading every (!) terrain multiple times per convex / concave mask, so this would slow things down quite a lot and produce a lot of data on the disk.

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Would it be possible to add configurations for different GPU vRAM amounts ?

I should have just made this one terrain as it's not that big.

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It is less an issue of vRam running out, but there is a size limit on the maximum size a render texture can be created at in unity. You can try to increase this setting to 2048 here in the Gaia setting:


the setting is a range / radius, so 2048 means it will cover 4096 x 4096 meters in one go, maybe that is enough for your terrain then if it is not that big?

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