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GeNa PRO doesn't work when used alongside Gaia Pro (unity 2022.0b2)

Ruchir Raj
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When I just have GaiaPro installed everything works fine but when I install GenaPro as well, I get this error in my console:


Also, unity's memory utilization just goes really high (something like 90-95%), this sometime makes my whole system crash.

I get this error when I select the "World Designer" gameObject 


The preview and other don't work either.
Because of this I haven't really been able to use GeNa till now. ☹️

Any help is appreciated 

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Yes, there are some new HDRP features that I have been using that require me to pull from unity's git repo, so I have to use the latest version for now 

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I guess because of some API changes (you can see them in the error message, gena cannot reference one of the experimental terrain APIs) it doesn’t work.

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5 hours ago, Manny said:

Yeah, there were API changes in Unity a while back and this is actually a known issue.

Please use the solution on this Forum post: 


I don't get the popup for updaitng the dll(s)

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I get this error when I reimport 



looks like the APIs are out of the experimental section now

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4 hours ago, Adam said:

As a general rule we do not support Unity beta's, as they are usually pretty buggy.

How have you found Unity 2022 so far?

For the parts that I interact with, 2022 has been quite stable so far actually. 🤔 


Is there any quick fix I could do for this situation? Otherwise I'll have to wait for quite some time before they release the stable tech version 😞

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12 minutes ago, Ruchir Raj said:

Is there any quick fix I could do for this situation?

Unfortunately not - we have not prepared GeNa yet for this version. From our past experience, all work that we do in this regard can become moot if the beta changes again during development. Another problem is that there can be bugs in unity itself that are then wrongly attributed to us - we can then put hours of work into analysis, only to find out that it seems to be a beta issue.

What you could consider is doing the terrain / level design work in 2021.2 and then export the result over into the 2022 beta, if you need any of the beta features for your development.

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  • Solution

Okay well got it to work finally.

For someone facing the problem in the future:

  • Just import the package in unity 2021.2 and let it run API upgrader, then simply copy the updated GeNa folder to 2022.1 project.

I was surprised that this actually worked. 😁

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