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Spawning village but with buildings not at the same height

Marcin Debicki
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Hi, let's consider such scenario:

  1. I create a prefab of the whole village. I model it the way I want in some other scene.
  2. I add terrain decorator to parent game object (as it is in tutorials) however since I dno not want it to be unpacked I am ending it there - I'd like buildings to be spawned in specific locations instead of random spawning.
  3. I use spawner to spawn my village - every building is at the same height.
  4. I adjust each buildings position manually so that village is not so flat after all and some buildings are at different heights than others.

As alternative I could probably not use decorator at all but that I suppose I'd have to anyway work on each building manually (i.e. to flatten terrain around it. I am wondering if there is some other way GeNa could help with it so I can preferably accordingly model all heights in prefab and then just spawn the village.

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Ok, one thing I forgot to mention (my bad, sorry). Terrain should be accordingly adjusted so that no building if should be placed above the ground. If parent object is empty then no transformation is applied and I end up with building floating in the air. If I apply terrain decorator then whole area is adjusted to the same height and I still end up with some buildings above the ground. I suppose I could adjust it manually after spawn but was wondering if GeNa could do that (no random structure spawning and yet adjust terrain under each building).

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  • Solution

I believe you would need to add the terrain decorator to each prefab if you wanted each building to adjust to the terrain. 
You could group the prefabs together and then add the terrain decorator as seen in the video tutorial as well if needed. 

06:37 Terrain Decorator

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Right, missed that part. I thought that those nested decorators will be ignored if not used together with unpack decorator but it seems I was wrong. Thanks! That can save me now a lot of time:-)

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