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Weird trunk color in some LODs (URP)

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Some birch trees spawned through the content pack get  wierd trunk colors when going into LOD1.



For comparison, manually placed birch with materials changed to yellow color (right) vs tree spawned with GeNa spawner (left). Both are in LOD1.



The problem seems to be with the material "PolygonNature_Leaves_Base_LOD_01_Pink" located in Assets/Procedural Worlds/Content Packs/Synty/Nature Pack/Content Resources/Materials/Vegetation


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Could you please share the GeNa version that you are using? If I remember correctly this is being caused by the material decorator that is responsible for switching out the material dynamically on the spawned instances.
There was a bug during development of the pack that lead to this issue, but that was fixed in the GeNa version that we released before the Nature pack came out - if it has been a while since you last updated GeNa, that might be the issue.

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I'm using version 3.3.14

It doesn't matter if I use GeNa to spawn or if I manually use the LOD textures from the Content Pack.


The 3 trees on the left are using the LOD textures from the Polygon Nature Assets (Assets/PolygonNature/Materials/LODS/Alternates).

The 3 trees on the right are using the LOD textures from the PWS Content Pack (Assets/Procedural Worlds/Content Packs/Synty/Nature Pack/Content Resources/Materials/Vegetation).

All trees were placed manually and the textures were placed manually.

One of the problematic materials is applied by the Spawner usinng the material decorator:




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I decided to quickly create an HDRP project to check how it works there, but the effects are worse

In LOD0 the birch trunks are black



In LOD1 they are green



It also seems like the trees are shaded green regardless of the type of material used (so looks like a shader problem)

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@Jamward Apologies for the inconvenience. Did you import synty URP package? I think issue is some materials that we created for this system are not changed, we will probably need to make a custom URP package to address all these issues. Should have a patch for you to try out very soon.

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Yes, I imported the synty URP package, it does not impact this isssue.

I narrowed down the problem with the material from PWS to two issues:

  • It uses the wrong shader - PolygonTrees instead of PolygonTrees_LOD
  • It uses the wrong ColourLodMask LeavesWillowMaskTexture instead of LeaveGenericMaskTexture

After fixing those, the trees look ok in URP



Still working on the HDRP problems.

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  • Solution

Hi @Jamward, Josh and me reviewed this together today and we found that there were two materials that were faulty in our own update packages for URP / HDRP, we fixed this and published a new version of the pack. Please get the latest version 1.0.3 of the pack, and install the update package for the respective pipeline to fix the problem ( in URP you already fixed it yourself it looks like)
The green hue in HDRP looks like you might not have added the diffusion profiles to the HDRP graphics settings after the installation, could you please check in there to see if you can see these 2 diffusion profiles in there:


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Thanks for the update on the URP materials.

As for HDRP:

Yeah, the diffusion profiles were added. For me the problem was with the shader, for some reason the emmisive value was set to green for all materials and it couldn't be edited. What fixed it for me was removing the "emmisive color" property from the exposed values of the shader and adding it again.

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