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Interior Weather Controller Volume Issues

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There has been quite a few reports about the interior weather controller not working. This will be fixed in the next version of Gaia.

However if you would like to download the patch file you can download it here:


There has been fixes and improvements to it, it now comes with 2 modes Collision and Disable VFX mode.

The Collision mode will enable/disable world space collision to the particle effects, this can be an expensive mode depending on how many objects there are and geometry complexity.


The Disable VFX mode will enable/disable the particle system effect, this option is cheap and quick and for most cases recommended. Of course with this mode you don't get to see the effect outside unlike the collision mode.



If you have any issues with this patch please feel free to reply to this thread.

Happy development.

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  • Josh changed the title to Interior Weather Controller Volume Issues
6 minutes ago, Ugur Tuna said:

How can I open the the package?

You need to rename it so it ends with ".unitypackage" in the file system.

Then you can install it via Assets > Import Package > Custom Package in the unity editor.

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@Ugur Tuna I have updated the patch file on this post, feel free to download it again and try to see if that works.


Note that best to use Disable VFX mode and also setup the Player Tag to what ever in your scene has the cahracter controller component be your camera or player object, make sure the Tag matches.

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@Josh I changed the tag but still doesn't work. My player has no character controller, I handle the movement with my coding and my animator is this the problem?

Edited by Ugur Tuna
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@Ugur Tuna Hmm, okay only way would be for me to use bounds instead of triggers. It can be easily done but if you use sphere trigger mode the bounds will be way off due to the shape. But box colliders will be very accurate.

I will try setup a bounds system mode that checks for a transform position contains within.

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@Ugur Tuna I have updated the patch file above.

Here you want to set the Trigger Mode to Bounds

Then make sure you assign the correct transform, if you need to set it in code you can do this from the interior weather controller

  InteriorWeatherController[] controllers = FindObjectsOfType<InteriorWeatherController>();
  foreach (InteriorWeatherController controller in controllers)

This will assign the transform to all in the scene just be sure to assign your transform in the SetPlayerTransform function.

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@Josh it still doesn't work; I tried to debug UpdateParticleColliders function; and it triggers. There is no problem with detecting the player.

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@Ugur Tuna Okay after some more digging into the system i noticed that yeah the collision stuff was not being setup correctly i have updated the patch file with the new changes and some code refactor and optimizing.

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  • 3 months later...
On 4/21/2022 at 1:33 PM, Mattis89 said:

@Josh could you help me with making this work for any transform? Since my game is co-op ...

If you use bounds as the trigger mode then no collisions are required and it will generate a bounds box areaon the transform or do you mean like a network sync?

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1 hour ago, Mattis89 said:

I mean in network, sorry 😊

Well for networking you would just need to network sync the enter/exit functions in the script

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