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Space exploration mmo


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This is a very good question. Gaia is, as you should know, a terrain and world generation system. This means that it can help you make terrains. But I don't think you can go around without making actual meshes of asteroids or other stuff that you want to have in your application in blender or other modelling software. 

It would be very helpful if you could provide more information on what you want to achieve...

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MiTschMR has put it quite well already - Gaia produces unity terrains as output, which are rectangular / flat by default, so doing a full "No Mans Sky" / "Star Citizen" kinda game where you can freely fly to or leave a planet will be difficult, because you would need to build a lot of surrounding tech for that.
What could be done more easily is to create a game where you explore defined areas of a planet, e.g. you land in a cutscene, have one scene with Gaia terrain where the gameplay takes part, then when leaving it is a cutscene again, and the space travel is done elsewhere from a bridge scene inside a spaceship, etc. This sounds not as exciting as being able to fly off and land everywhere, but this takes out a huge, huge amount of complexity. Mass Effect did it this way for example, and it is still a beloved franchise despite not being able to freely roam around everywhere.

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This is something that I had wanted to try to figure out how to do at one time.  By theory I thought if I could work out my neighbor terrains into a cube, I could easily travel "around the world" while on planet.  Unfortunately I never got around to playing around with it and then had problems wrapping my head around how to do it.

I love Peter's suggestion of taking off from the planet and then at a point breaking to a cutscene before entering space.  It has been awhile since I played Astroneer but I think that was how it was done in that game.  Destiny 2 does this as well.  They let you pick spots to land on the planets but you basically pick the planets, then a region on the map, and then you cutscene into entering orbit in the atmosphere before pushing into the on-planet scene.  Would love to be able to create terrains in Gaia and somehow have a way to wrap them around a sphere.  It is fun in Space Engineer where you can actually fly around the planet and leave the atmo to go into space if you so choose.  No way my brain can handle the maths involved in making something like that work anymore...  lol

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