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Couple of questions

Ugur Tuna
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  Hi, I have couple of questions:

  1) I need to set 2 lighting profiles for my game (one for human places other for enemy creature places). I know how to set 2 lighting profiles but how can I make transitions between lighting profiles from a script or gaia system has a feature to do this? 

  2) How can I disable weather effects at the indoor places and can I prevent fog from indoor places as well?

  3) I use procedural worlds Time of Day system so the sun changes dynamically and it uses directional light. Is there a way to bake lighting for the performance?

  4) How can I change the master volume of gaia audio from a script?

Thank you.

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Hey there, 

1. You would need to trigger it with your own code if you wanted to do this. 

2. You can create an empty object and add the Interior Weather Controller component to it. 
This will allow you to enable Weather colliders. 

3. I want to check into this, but you would want to go to Window- Rendering- Lighting. 

4. You would want to either change it in the Gaia Audio Manager or tie into that script.    

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1) How can I access and change Gaia Lighting Profiles from script?

2) Didn't work. I tried with defult settings, than added a rigidbody to detect collisions and changed layers but as you can see, still snowy.





Thank you.

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I've run in to the same problem and here are the things I've found out so far:

  • The script for the Interior Weather Volume tries to find the snow and rain systems by name, but at least for me Gaia Weather creates them under a different name and the volume fails to find them.
  • After fixing that, the rain system consists of two parts: the particle system (attached to a child object) and a mesh renderer.  The script does not find the component in the child object (easily fixable) but does nothing for the mesh renderer, so part of the rain is completely unaffected by the volume. - not sure how to address that yet.
  • The snow actually contains two different particle systems one attached to the snow object and one attached to a child, the script finds just one (also not hard to fix).
  • Even with all the fixes, the particle system still spawns some of the particles already inside the building, so there is nothing for them to collide with - not sure how to address this.
  • Additionally of the collision causes the bounce effect, which looks kind of ok for snow, but absolutely terrible for rain (easily changeable in the collision settings of the particle system).
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Added info about collision effect
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The patch addresses some of the issues, but I still seem to get the following problems:

  • Particles spawning inside the building
  • Rain mesh is still being rendered

For now I'm going to use the disable vfx option, though it does break immersion when the character is looking out the window.


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