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Dreams, into Reality with Just a few Clicks


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When I first started with Procedural Worlds, I was a Karen and demanded a refund, saying “this doesn’t work, what the hell”. Yeah, in hindsight, not my best moment, lol. (It was a Unity issue)

Perception is everything, and you would be surprised after a year + with Procedural Worlds ( Yes I came crawling back lol ) how you come to realize, how much dedication, work, and effort went into this slew of software solutions this group of developers, created to make us indies, successful. They actually want us to be successful. Think about that, how many developers on asset store want their product to not only sale ( because you do need to pay the bills ) but importantly care if it works for their customers, and gives them that “wow” they are looking for? I own over 1100 assets from the asset store, and I can promise you, I can only count on one hand, developers that genuinely care about their customer base. Procedural Worlds is absolutely one of them.

In my experience, many people come to this gaming industry, because they have this vision, this idea, they want to simply pull out of their head and dreams, and make it become a living, breathing space, on computers, game devices, mobile devices, and even virtual reality.

This passion to create is really in all of us, and Procedural worlds allows us to get that much closer to that realization faster, and more impressively than what would otherwise be possible! For a group or subset of people, with not the full skill set, or perhaps the money of the big Studios / Developers but still having the yearning, the want, and the drive to create their amazing idea, Procedural Worlds, really is that miracle that keeps on giving! 

Game Development is not easy. It takes drive, determination, and vision. There is no easy button, there is no, “Hey I want this” and poof, like magic, its there. This said, although it does take work, determination, and learning, to get yourself to an appropriate level to accomplish your dream games, videos, etc., at least you have Procedural Worlds and its Canopy, to have your back, with the proper software and tools, with the many industry professionals, a strong supportive community, guides, knowledge base, amazing track record and support system, you will see your dream come to fruition in just a few clicks. Its as simple as 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ….. Are you Ready?

Seriously, try it, at worse, if you do not like it, kill the monthly plan. That said, you won’t. The software is not the only resource, you receive from Procedural Worlds. You receive amazing support, monthly voted for addons / integrations, a strong community who care about your success, and so very much more.

I hope this review intrigues you, motivates you, inspires you to believe in yourself, your potential, and know that this is a great place to start.



Vexstorm Computers



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