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Spawn Rules Texture is missing


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Hey i wanted to change the default Textures from the Alpine Meadow Biom so i duplicate this and change the name the first texture what i changed was the sand Textures this work next i try to change the grass texture but this one dont worked.


additionally i noticed every time i click on spawn local or spawn world the layers are recreated and not overwritten.


does anyone have a tip what i am doing wrong?


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Hi, how did you duplicate your spawner? If the original spawner is still in the scene, I could imagine this creates an issue where you constantly get conflicts between the two as they all share the same terrain textures / terrain layers in the beginning then. 

The duplication of the layers is a bug that should be resolved in Gaia version 3.1.4.

Could you please try the following approach if you want to create a copy and then edit it:

1. Duplicate the spawner you want to copy via Advanced > Duplicate spawner
2. Delete the original spawner in the scene
3. In the spawn rules in the copy, swap out the textures & adjust settings and hit "Refresh Terrain Prototype" to apply those changes to the terrain layer

The end result should be that you have the spawn rules changed in your spawner, but also the terrain layers should show the same textures as in the spawner. You can then continue working in this scene and / or save the spawner settings out as a spanwer settings file to use in other projects / scenes.

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