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Sessions and Back ups.


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So, my question is about sessions and back ups.   I been trying different work flows  and it works that way I hoped it would to a point. I'm  trying to find the best work flow in order to do this. 


So my question, between each stamp that is applied, I create a back up, this way i'm able, to go back before I stamped my height map.  Now, is there a way, say that I had 3 stamps I added, and I want to remove only the second one, in theory, it should just remove this data that was added? for that stamp.  


I'm setting a process, or work flow, that I would be able to edit my terrain, or make changes, with out losing, any previous information, that I don't want removed .So far I been able to do this, but I want to make sure there isn't a better way of doing this over all?  


Just to be clear, when a world is made, for your self, client w/e, at times, we need to re-iterate or make changes that you are unhappy with, maybe the game has changed like a DLC, where content was added, and the height map was changed.  So, in order to do this i'm used to using non destructive work flow, and this is not that, but close enough that I don't want everything to be permanent..  Makes sense.  

Now the preview is fine, but once we stamp it, and do other processes, its no longer able to go back, so this is why I use the back ups and rely on the sessions. But at times I lose some of the data, that I didn't want to remove. what would be nice, is if we could, apply a mask, and remove old data that was applied with in a mask.. This way not everything is removed. but you are also only removing the height map you want removed, but not the entire thing, you could mask out the area of that height map/stamp  that you don't want removed, but also stick with in that stamp. 


So i'm using it as an example that you have  3 stamps you applied, and say you want to remove only the 2nd one, not a big deal, but not the entire thing, only certain areas. of just that 2nd stamp that was applied and it would be great to do this at any time... 


So, anyone can comment here, it don't need to be the developers , they can of course, but I want to see if anyone has been thinking about this at all, and if they have a better way than I been handling this process..


PS: i'm so close to be able to do what I want, but, its the last part, that i'm unable, or need a better way of handling this.

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