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Moving Terrain


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Hi all,

I created a Gaia Pro terrain in one Unity project, and I'd like to move it to another project and use it there.

What is the best way to do that? I have copied the terrain files from one Gaia User Data/Sessions to the other, but can't seem to get Unity in that one to use the Session.

Thanks in advance!


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If you are trying to use Gaia Pro sessions then you would need to have Gaia in the project as well. 
As far as transferring yes you would need the following: Terrain Data, Terrain Layers (if you have textured it), textures (if you are using any), and vegetation (if you are using any). 

If you still want to use Gaia but without all the "stuff" that comes with it you can create a Gaia Scripts package. 
You can do this by going to Window - Procedural Worlds - Gaia - Create Gaia "Scripts Only" package. 

This would allow you to use Gaia without needing to clear the asset from the things you dont want. 

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