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Awesome level design YouTube channels


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Covering a lot more than just level design, a great tutorial resource.

Ten Principles for Good Level Design

Level Design in a Day: A Series of First Steps - Overcoming the Digital Blank Page

Level Design Workshop: Blockmesh and Lighting Tips


Myrkur Games

How to: LEVEL DESIGN - Dev Tips

Making the Blue Lagoon Arena - Level Design Timelapse in Unreal using Megascans

Combat Arena Level Design - Dev Tips



John Griffiths is the Lead Environment Artist at Cloud Imperium Games. This channel is notable thanks to the Blockout in 10 Minutes series, shared by the author 2 years ago for 2019's Blocktober season. In this series, the author shows how to blockout a variety of environments, explaining the techniques used in the process. Each episode also has a full-length version, where the workflow is explained in great detail.

#Blocktober 2019 - Blockout 01 with Artist Commentary

#Blocktober 2019 - Blockout 02 with Artist Commentary

#Blocktober 2019 - Blockout 03 with Artist Commentary

#Blocktober 2019 - Blockout 04 with Artist Commentary

#Blocktober 2019 - Blockout 05 with Artist Commentary

#Blocktober 2019 - Blockout 06 with Artist Commentary

#Blocktober 2019 - Blockout 07 with Artist Commentary

#Blocktober 2019 - Blockout 08 with Artist Commentary


Level Design Lobby

Max Pears is is a Level Designer with seven years of experience in the games industry who worked on Cyberpunk and The Division. Max's channel is entirely dedicated to level design, on it, you can find dozens upon dozens of podcasts, tutorials, breakdowns, books, and other forms of educational content on the topic of level design.

Level Design Library - Shape Theory in Level Design

Blocktober 2019: Art Gallery - Level Design Breakdown - V2

SpiderMan: Level Design Portfolio




More here: 80 Level Ratings: Great YouTube Channels On Level Design

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