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Following tutorial but have an issue


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Sky and Fog and all the Density volumes also missing. I've followed the tutorial but I'm wondering if there is a previous video Ive not seen that shows setting up ?

See attached:



Screenshot 2023-06-27 at 16.45.55.png

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On 6/27/2023 at 4:00 PM, Guidos said:

I'm following the slums spawner tutorial but there is a missing script in the block spawner see image at the bottom of the block spawner component. Can you advise please


Ive rebuilt from scratch but also added in Gaia Pro that has the missing component for the block spawner (GeNaProSpawnExtension)

The asset store description doesn't state Gaia Pro is required. The YouTube Tutorial states Gaia Pro but shows Gena. This needs to be clarified. Better still, the GeNaProSpawnExtension should be included in the pack so Gaia Pro isn't needed just for this one component. 

If I am wrong please correct me but this is all ambiguous and I'm feeling like I'm part of the pre-release test team right now. 

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Hi @Guidos, sorry about the delayed response. I had a look at the issues and found the following:

  • The pack does NOT require Gaia Pro - the missing GeNa Pro spawner extension component on the block spawner is a leftover that should not be in the pack. We will remove this with the next update again. Please note that this should not affect the functionality of the spawner.
    The mention of Gaia Pro at the beginning of the video is a mistake, we will edit that out asap.
  • The day / night prefab is derived from the HDRP demo scene from the original sci-fi slums asset pack and works in HDRP only. The video / documentation does not mention this properly, we need to extend the documentation in this regard. 
    A bit more background on this:
    In the original sci-fi slums asset pack, you can find the same day / night lighting object as part of the HDRP demo scene. We turned that into a prefab for the purpose of quickly applying the same lighting setup to the scenes that you build yourself. Unfortunately, it is not as easy to do the same for the other render pipelines as here some of the lighting settings are part of the scene metadata, and the sci-fi slums asset pack provides two different demo scenes (day scene, night scene) here, so we cannot provide a similar prefab for those pipelines.
    If you are not using HDRP and want to apply the lighting of the demo scenes to your own scene, you could do so by making a duplicate of the demo scene, then remove all the buildings etc. from the scene before adding your own. In this way you can build using the same lighting settings as found in the original demo scenes.
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Hi @Guidos, we released an update for the pack that removes that unused component and clarifies the usage of the day / night prefab in the documentation. We also fixed the mention of Gaia Pro in the tutorial video.

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