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Why does my grass look like this? (Gaia Pro 2021, Unity 2022.3.1, HDRP)


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This is using the Apline Meadow Biome. Only happens when I spawn grass. Goes away during play mode.



PS - Is there an easy way to prevent anything spawning under the water? Conversely, can I make the ground underwater different looking? I would also like to add seaweed. I have Gena Pro as well, if that makes it easier.

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This is because Unity can not render Grass in HDRP. 
That is why we created Flora which comes with Gaia Pro 2021. 
The reason it doesnt happen during Runtime is because the grass is instance indirect. 
Meaning it would show up during runtime. 

As far as keeping grass from spawning under the water, you may want to adjust the height mask on the spawner or create one and adjust it. You can visualize this by clicking on the Eye looking icon next to the color. 

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Ok, I see. It would be nice if the editor UI had a simple warning about this somewhere.

And for the second question, thanks, I was able to create a mask.

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9 hours ago, Bryan said:

That is why we created Flora which comes with Gaia Pro 2021. 

Is Flora making it work during runtime or is there something extra I need to do to utilize whatever it is that Flora does?

After some searching, I can't find any good info on the technical reason for this limitation in HDRP. Seems like HDRP would support everything URP can do. Do you know what the reason is?

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Yes, Flora is making it work in runtime. 

Flora is instance indirect which allows the grass to be rendered during runtime. 
Unity Grass just doesn't work in HDRP so we built flora to allow Gaia users to have grass. 


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