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Programming a first-person camera to follow a GeNa spline


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I created a spline in gena that i used to carve a road in my terrain and now I want to use that spline as a path that my player will follow. Is there a way to do this? Thanks!!

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I havent tried this with GeNa Pro but we do have a tool for this called Pegasus. 
I would recommend taking a look at that tool. 

You could generate a spline but you would probably have to make a script to add to it so the camera would follow it. 
Otherwise, look into something like Pegasus. 


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@Bryan Interesting, I will check it out. The project that I am working on is an interactive exhibit for a museum where two players race against each other on bikes through a terrain. Will Peasus allow me to render two cameras simultaneously for split screen gameplay?

Also, will I be able to move the cameras along the path in realtime through user input/scripting? I need to move these cameras using two particular scenarios. One, the simplest way, using arrow keys (forward/backward) to increment/decrement the Path Position. Two, more complicated, but ultimately the way I actually need to do it is to move the camera dynamically along the path using an ever changing range of values (coming in through Arduinos), 0 to 10 for instance, to simulate speed.

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Have a look at the GeNaSpline API in the GeNa API docs. You could start with something very simple that traversed the nodes in your spline and use something like transform.lookAt() to point your player toward the current node, switching to the next node when you reach it. Your next iteration could use the GeNaCurve API to smooth the movement between nodes along the curve. You could use a lerp function to control the player speed between nodes using your 1-10 speed modifier.

Just a thought!

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That could work as well, if you are using two camera I would need to test this. 
Typically you would use the Unity timeline, but I thing that Unity has something for splitscreen. 
I would need to take a look at both options and see which would be the best and most performant. 

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