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Where is the support?


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I have had Gaia Pro 2021 for nearly two years now. I see it gets updates every so often, which I assume are improvements and/or bug fixes. My experience with this asset has been quite frustrating. The number of times Unity crashes whilst using this asset are numerous. There always seems to be something that prevents a productive workflow. In its latest guise, the Gaia Player doesn't work properly and the Water script complains there is no player or that there is no camera assigned. After all this time, you would think silly little bugs like this would not occur. There may be many tutorial type articles written by various people, but there doesn't seem to be a proper PDF instruction manual with up-to-date screenshots. There is a discord channel but you can't get support there. Instead you are directed here, to Canopy, but hey, there's no support section here either. It seems support relies on this forum where people may or may not get answers to their problems. It's a big beast of an asset prone to crash Unity with less than up-to-date documentation and a lack of dedicated support. Considering how expensive it is, to say its a great disappointment is an understatement.

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With the no player or camera assigned issue, I turned off the follow player option. Is your player added at runtime? 

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We do have a dedicated support team, Canopy is used for Forms so that people can search for the answer publically vs answering the same question privately repeatedly. 

We also have custom-paid support as well. 

Discord, however, is a community platform. 
Where we post announcements, community events, and for others to join and showcase what they are doing, etc. 

In regards to the question you posted about, runtime features can be pretty tedious. 
As Diggidy asked, how are you initiating your player? 
Does the player live in the scene or outside the scene? 
Are you using a preset character or trying to implement your own? 
Is this character from another asset? If so what are their requirements? 


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