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Force textures on terrain


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Is there any way to force the texture spawner to add all textures to each terrain regardless? At the moment, only the used textures are added. This is having an impact on other libraries i use which require all textures to be present on all terrains in matching order for generating a texture atlas.

e.g. Terrain A has Texture1, Texture2 and Texture3 but Terrain B only has Texture1. i would like for it to have Texture2 and 3 added as well automatically/



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Unity doesn't allow for multi-terrain editing, unfortunately. 
The best advice I can say would be to do the paint texture on the terrain that has all the textures and just draw from that terrain to the others and it should grab it. 

Otherwise, you could use the world designer and spawn your biome that way. 

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Thanks for responding quickly, I've had a play around and found that if you click the "Refresh Terrain Prototype" it prompts you to add the texture to all active terrains and selecting "yes" does this however, it means you have to work through each texture one at a time clicking this button (and repeating the process if you make changes which require a layer removal). It would be really good to have a button which iterates through all textures automatically with the same functionality, i.e. "Refresh All Terrain Prototypes".

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Yeah, that could work as well. 
We could look into that, and see if it's possible. 
The non multi-terrain editing can sometimes be an issue for things like this. 

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