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Bug? - Clearing spawners


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I have 2 spawners setup for trees. Spawner A and Spawner B. They both share the same tree prefabs.  They both have:


Clear the following - Trees ticked

From: Only this spawner

For: All Terrains


When i click "Clear Spawns now" on Spawner A, it is removing trees on the terrain placed by Spawner B. Is this a bug ?


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No, it wouldn't be, as you use the same prefab. 
If you want them to act separately, you would need to create a prefab variant of the tree. 

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Thanks for confirming, although i think the "From: Only this spawner" is confusing in this instance. For anyone else having this issue, my work around was to generate the trees in order with "Add" instead of "Replace" for the "Spawn Mode". it does mean that you will clear both sets of trees and have to re-generate both if you want to make any tweaks but not a major problem.

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Yeah, using the same prefab could become an issue, I believe a prefab variant should work though. 
It's a specific use-case scenario so in this case we had to use the normal Unity way of handling it. 
Thank you for the suggestion. 

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