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Pavement/Sidewalk in Gena Pro?


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I'm trying to create a curbed pavement to follow the road spline. I thought about using a spawner, like you would with street lamps, but I can't see a nice way of getting that to work smoothly without it looking like Lego bricks. Is there a recommended approach?

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A bit quiet here, but just to update. The process I'm now trying is to used two road profile at the same time. One road for the actual road, and a track style split road for the pavement where the gap is the width of the first road. In sort of works, if only I could get the pavement mesh to correctly bend at the edges. 

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On 4/30/2023 at 6:35 AM, pauliom said:

without it looking like Lego bricks. Is there a recommended approach?

Sorry for the delay. 

Not exactly sure what you mean. 
You can use a spawner, typically, I use the same scale and no rotation. 
Then turn on force spawn. 

After that add a spawner extension to the road spline. 
After that, you would want to change the offset of the position, snap to ground, and change the rotation. 

You would want to do this twice if you want it to be on both sides. 


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Thanks for the reply. The problem is that a curb mesh doesn't deform to the spline. So you end with an sort of aliased line effect (stairs) of curb segments 

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You do have align to spline enabled and then just change the position and snap to ground enabled? 
The only thing I can also think of would be to make a prefab with both sides added. 
Then add that prefab to the spawner will all the pieces there instead of trying to spawn them along the spline. 

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