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Gaia Render Camera ... Screen position out of view frustum - too frequently.

Go to solution Solved by Bryan,

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at this exact spot 


            m_reflectionCamera.nearClipPlane = 0.001f;
            if (!m_reflectionCamera.orthographic)


Its frustrating as all hell, as it happens nearly every time entering playmode.  Thats the exact error output.  The exact script and line that it opens to.  I read another poster mention adding a Vector3.euler check to make sure its not .zero - but i have evn tried that , and it does not stop it.

So - any idea how to fix this.


Unity 2021.3.5f lts, Gaia not pro - complete up to date.

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Hello, this is actually caused by Unity and most of the time happens with or without Gaia in the project. 
Why it targets our script we have looked into it and nothing seems to actually fix this issue. 
This shouldn't hurt the project, and I do believe doesn't show in a build. It does have something to do with the editor. 
I know previously this was in Unity's Issue tracker and hadn't been solved by them either. 

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