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how to make tree billboard?

lee sang hun

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how to make tree billboard?


How do I create the image used for PW_General_ShaderGraph_URP shader?


Are there any special tools?



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To turn a tree into a billboard in Unity, you can follow these steps:

Select the tree object in the Unity Editor.

Click on the "Add Component" button in the Inspector window to add a new component.

Search for "Billboard Renderer" and select it to add the component to the tree object.

In the "Billboard Renderer" component, set the "Billboard" property to "Quad" to create a flat, two-dimensional billboard.

Adjust the other properties of the "Billboard Renderer" component as needed to control the appearance and behavior of the billboard.

To optimize performance, you can also adjust the "Tree Distance" property of the tree object to control how far away the tree is rendered as a billboard instead of a 3D object.


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Why is this not integrated? 

A billboard imposter should be a basic rendering feature to reduce triangle counts in the distance. Is this in the roadmap for Gaia? 

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