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Terrain is really dark when I have normal maps on it


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Hi I am using pretty much the standard setup, trying to make a custom biome. I have added textures and I am liking their look but the lighting is all messed up, havent touched it at all. When adding a normal map the areas of the map facing away from the sun are incredibly dark. and the entire texture has a shinyness to at the same time. I have been playing with a lot of settings to fix this but no luck yet.

If I set the normal map to "Create from greyscale" then I get none of the darkness issue but then there is no difference between facing away or towards the sun, which is also not what I want.

As for the shininess in the middle it was really bad when I had the texture, not normal map, set to 'Alpha source' -> 'From Gray Scale' so I set it to 'Input from alpha texture' or 'none' and now it looks like this screen, better, but still has a shine to it in the middle.

The terrain is using the Default-Terrain-Standard material, and using the Default-Material-Diffuse doesnt seem to help much either.

I could really use some help, but it seems there a very few people answering question on this forum.


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Seems I could mitigate the darkness issue with going to Windows -> lighting -> Environment -> Envionrment lighting an setting them all to White instead of the darker colors that are there by default.


Still have the shinyness issue.

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Have you tried applying one of the preset biomes? What does that look like when you apply it? 
Have you tried changing the lighting profile to another tod? 

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