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How do you build a single map with multiple scenes?


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Been working on and testing this for a few weeks now and I'm no closer to really knowing if these are the right solutions.. any advice is appreciated! I'm really trying to figure out good foundation and principles so I don't have to delete and start over later.

Took me a while but I now understand how Loader Manager works - loading and unloading scenes based on visibility and distance and all that, etc. No problem there. My problem however.. how do you actually build a game that's split across multiple scenes?


For example..




My main scene is called WorldMap. It's 8km x 8km resulting in 64 1km sq terrains all handled through Loader Manager. So far this is working and I think I follow. But next steps are where workflow things are breaking down for me.. how do you actually populate the game? Should assets (gameobjects, prefabs, scripts, etc) be going into the WorldMap scene? Or should all of these assets go into the scene that matches the terrain?



In this screenshot I have all of the prefab/assets/etc in WorldMap.






in this screenshot I have all of the prefab/assets/etc in the terrain scene that matches the actual 




Which is right?

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I don't hotload scenes myself, so take this with a pinch of salt.  I would start by keeping anything static with the terrain it sits on.  If you can manipulate things so the action happens near the middle of a terrain, that would probably help too.  

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