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Strange issue - when copying spawner


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I got two small issues, when copying spawners.  I made a custom spawner that I want to copy to another biome.

  • When I duplicate the spawner, it creates a unique copy, but somehow changes some of the transform information.  I changes the postion as well as the range to different values.
  • If names the first duplicate "<nothing>"  Second time I "copy"  Third time "copy copy" etc.  At some point the it failes to spawn (my guess is that somehow the copy copy copy information is linked to the name so it hits the windows max characters path limit of 256.  I tried to delete the session information, but it still remembers.  The only workaround is to create a new spawner and recreate the spawn rules.  




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If you are just going to use the same spawner you can save the spawner directly to the project. 
Then in the Gaia Manager, in the advanced tab, go to tools. 
Then add the existing spawner, and just add your spawner there. 

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