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How to make gena spawner avoid buildings when drawing trees


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What I want to ask is: I have a building right now. When I use Gena spawner to draw trees, he can't avoid it anyway. He will plant trees in the building. A collision mask in the Gaia Pro cleverly avoids the building. I wanna know if Gena Pro has this similar function please.

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Hi @LiYuanYuan!

Yes, GeNa Pro does have a similar function to Gaia Pro's collision mask that can help avoid spawning objects in certain areas, such as inside buildings. GeNa Pro's Spawn Criteria settings allow you to define rules for where objects can be spawned based on various conditions, such as height, slope, and distance from other objects.

To avoid spawning trees inside a building, you can use GeNa Pro's Spawn Criteria to utilize bounding boxes or spheres that excludes the interior of the building. You can also use other criteria, such as slope or height, to further refine where the trees can be spawned.

To use GeNa Pro's Spawn Criteria, you'll need to create a new Spawn Criteria object and then assign it to your GeNa Spawner. From there, you can define the criteria you want to use to restrict object spawning. The GeNa Pro documentation has more information on how to use the Spawn Criteria settings.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions or if there's anything else I can do to assist.

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