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Question on how to expand your terrains


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Ok, for me it seems like this should be a basic way to work, but I have no idea on how to do it. Hope I can get some insight 🙂

So the idea, I want to start with a grid of 3 x 3 terrains, each with their scene. Next, after I work on those terrains (like spawn stuff and such), I would like to expand, to a 4 x 4 grid. The expansion should come naturally, but I would also need World Designer to allow me to generate stamps for the "outer ring of terrains", without screwing the initial ones.

Hope this makes sense, I will elaborate more if needed.

Thank you.


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Consider a game like Tarkov, that is constantly adding extra space to its existing maps in major updates. One cannot predict, potentially years in advance, exactly how or where new terrain might be needed, nor the shape they might want that terrain to take.

Is there, then, absolutely no way to expand on existing terrains with Gaia?

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(is it intended that editing posts doesn't work on this forum? It always gives me a 404 and when I come back the option is just gone.)

I suppose one can just overgenerate the bounds of terrain by *a lot*. How does one go about storing the extra pieces outside of the scene? I'm not breaking my terrains into separate scenes like OP is. Ideally they would not even be in the scene *at all* until I need them, just have their shape saved and ready for me to drop into the map at a later date 🤔


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Tarkov uses their own terrain creation system. 

There are quite a few ways of doing it. 
It depends on the things you need.

You could use a mesh terrain, and then add it to the scene. 
You could use the terrain scanner, scan the terrains and stamp them after making a bigger terrain. 

Theres tons of ways of adding another part of the world. 


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