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My story of game dev began in late 2018, when I was in my fourth year of apprenticeship as an IT guy. Tasked with coming up with our own project, I decided to make a game. To all of my friends and colleagues, this took them by surprise, but when I showed them the result, all of them were genuinely impressed by the visual quality and what it became. This was the first time I got in touch with the tools of PW, namely Gaia. Already at this time it was a great piece of software, being able to make your own worlds with just a few clicks was mind blowing. Even though I had no idea how it worked, the power of Gaia enabled me to get a high grade. At this point I decided to strive for my dream to make games in the future, maybe only for fun, but if the opportunity arises, I definitely want to grab it. 

When I needed help with Gaia, the community was quick to help, making me feel welcomed in a community that cares for the people. With PW around, I never felt left alone. You could always write a ticket if you didn't get the answer from the community. Now that there is Canopy, the answer for one question can easily be found by using the search functionality. Even though this is also possible in Discord, I understand the move from a chat system (which has actually never been a supported support platform) to a full forum for support. It requires a registration, but this only makes it fair to PW, so to not have issues with possibly stolen versions of their assets. About the subscription system, you can be biased by all the other big software development companies that sell them, but in PW's case, it allows you to get access to all software for a small price. If you don't like it, you can simply cancel the subscription. If you like only a few tools but don't want to pay all the time, you can also cancel the subscription but pay for the assets on the assetstore. You get support here on Canopy as everyone else. 

As written before about Gaia, it is a great piece of software. When Gaia 2/Pro came out, it was crystal clear to me that only Pro makes me happy. What has been done with the next generation of Gaia is simply mind blowing for anyone who does not have industry experience like myself. Making tools like Flora for details rendering, I wonder what else they can do. I also wonder why Unity didn't yet buy them...

Unfortunately, between my day job, my studies and personal projects, I don't have as much time to work with the tools as I did before. Regardless of that, the tools PW made accelerate my progress in making a game by a factor I can't even calculate. For the price they want, you get industry software that should cost way more. I am not a professional (extremely far away from that), just a hobbyist. I can't write much about the other tools PW offers, except that they are all great as well (at least from what little I have tried, much I have heard). Even covering one of the biggest publishers on the assetstore (Synty Studios) with spawners for Gena Pro, it makes me aware of PW considering the community's wishes. 

To the people behind Procedural Worlds, I want to thank you for the years of passion, the amount of time and much more you had to invest to become this big and making these amazing tools. 

Wishing you all the best, 

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