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From a long time user and supporter


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First I want to thank Adam for bringing Gena, Gaia, and other tools to Unity.  I for one, would not of keep using Unity if not for Adam and now  his team, I started when Adam was by himself, and watched him grew into a company, with some fantastic professionals.  Now from using other assets, and software with in Unity, most assets get abandon, or just don't care about most of there users, they just want to push out there work, from asking for features to lack of support.  From my experience, PW, is not at all that way, they care about all of there users, from pro, to brand new users, they post tutorials , streams and much more.  PW also has a great community that help one another.


A little about what I enjoy about Gena, and Gaia, with Gena, you are able to do anything related to world building, this has open the door to me to be more creative, and not limited when building a world.   You can build cliffs, control spawns for any type of game object, to much more..  .


( One day, I will show off my work. ( i'm a picky person about showing work off. Unless its done, or not for some client.  Now that I work on my own, I plan to show off what can be done with Gena, and Gaia, even in Unreal, and Unity..  With out PW, even in Unreal, I would of been  limited, I'm an ex ASE MASTER Mechanic by day I believe in the right tool for the job, and I find Gena, Gaia to be the right tool for the job, and they also work well with other software out there, from Maya, Modo, Houdini and much more... 

Also, if you want to make your own stamps, this is where I find GAIA to shine, as I can use other terrain tools to create what ever I want, and bring into GAIA, and make biomes, and set them where ever I PLEASE... with little effort.. 




I recommend to those that know I can't stand subs at all, that some do work, I for one, pay subs to Jet Brains, where you keep what you pay for, PW does the same thing, this works. I also know that for some people Subs  can  benefit from them, I don't have any issues with them, as they still offer other ways like to be able to buy assets, but, if you want more than that, you can sub, to get the royal treatment to get access to much more.

At first I admit, I was upset, as I dislike them, but when done right, they can work, and its a choice, not totally forced.. and you don't lose everything.... PW, has done this right..   They listen to us users, from my experience over the years, when I asked for something, most of the time, with in reason, it happen... ( but not everything can be done.)  Now they are expanding on this with the canopy where you can ask for something to be made ( with in reason.) This is beyond what has been done in the past.  So I think alot of users will benefit from this. ..

Game development for a solo or smaller company is no easy task, and we indies developers are the future and I know PW knows this, so alot of what they are doing can benefit us, and help them stay around for years to come and not become another abandon asset... They have grown, which is a great thing..


When do you see an asset become a company or grow as PW has?? Not an easy task.....  (a lot of hard work!!! They have my support and respect.. to Adam, Peter, Brian, Mannie, who I got to know, Josh, I don't know as much.. to the rest..  


  So something I believe users need to understand, change can be hard, I know i'm 50 years old, and its tough for me at times, I can come off as grumpy, its mostly passion.. for the gaming industry and to help users, but sometimes, its not as it seems, or as harsh as it may look is my point. 

So, any professional tool we end up , paying thousands every year for software/assets that we need. 

so, PW made it cheap but professional still.... Which  i'm greatful for....  For new and older users, I recommend PW, assets and glad they are using forums... I always been a forum type person, as I ran one for a gaming community(17 years) to in order to make sure everyone gets the support they need, this is a must I understand this more than most, so even though I watch some users rebel, against it, understand that not all change is bad.. Its  to improve , what PW has built for the better.  


Thanks PW for the amazing work... 


PS: I still use Unity, for a single player -co-op game with the kids.   I use Unity also it plays a huge role for my UE game as well.. Using Gena, and some Gaia. 


Sorry for the long  post, I know i'm known for long post, but my thinking never stops..... 

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