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V1.2.0 new features and visual differences to V1.1.0


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First up, thank you so much for publishing the update to HDRP Time of Day!


I have some observations and questions related to the update. Is this the right place to ask? Is it okay to include everything in this one post? I don't want to flood the forum, but I also don't want to overwhelm you with questions. Please let me know if there's a "better" way to manage my queries!


Regarding the new features


The list of improvements and new features is fantastic to see, and I'm wondering if these are documented in detail anywhere? I couldn't see any updates to the included documentation PDF over and above v1.1.0.


  1. API improvements - is the API documented anywhere?
  2. Probe system improvements - is there some documentation that explains how this works, and how best to use it?
  3. New culling system - is this documented somewhere? How best to use, and is there a way to toggle this on and off?
  4. Underwater mode - where is this configured and how does it work? Is this documented anywhere? Is there a dependency or connection with Gaia and Gaia Water? I'm using Crest HDRP, so interested in whether this new feature is relevant to me.


Visual differences between v1.1.0 and v1.2.0


I have noticed some considerable differences in my scene having upgraded from 1.1.0 to 1.2.0.


I wondered if I could run these past you, and see if I can understand what's causing the differences, and what I might do to bring some elements of the new version more inline with the look and feel of the earlier version? I will put together a "v1.1.0 vs v1.2.0" screenshot comparison of my scene, to illustrate these a bit better, if that helps?


  1. My terrain and ocean textures / materials are very bright, very high contrast.
    • In the previous version, my green grass terrain textures were quite a dark, subtle green. My Crest ocean was blue, but a dark tone for the time of day.
    • In the new version, the green grass is very, very green and the ocean very, very blue.
  2. Local fog is barely visible, distance fog "pops" and is very "grainy" and pixelated.
    • In the previous version, distance and local fog were evident and provided a consistent haze across the scene.
    • In the new version. local fog seems to be mostly missing, and distance fog "pops" as my character moves forward in the scene.
    • In the previous version, fog looked very smooth and shifted naturally as the player moved around the scene.
    • Fog in the new version looks very "pixellated" and shifts around awkwardly, looking very blocky.
  3. Model materials look very "grainy" in motion.
  • In the previous version, character (player and the horse for example) maintained a consistent look and smooth, anti-aliased appearance.
  • In the new version, when those characters are moving their textures become very grainy and look "low res".


HDRP ToD Settings Used


In all cases I'm using a new, out of the box Camera (GameObject>Camera) and out of the box defaults for all HDRP ToD settings, taken from the relevant versions (1.1.0 and 1.2.0). There are no other global or local volumes in the scene:

  • HDRP Time Of Day Reflection Probe Profile (24 Hour)
  • HDRP Time Of Day Profile
  • HDRP Time Of Day Post FX Profile
  • HDRP Time Of Day Ambient Profile
  • HDRP Time Of Day Season Profile


v1.2.0 only:

  • HDRP Time Of Day RTX Utils Profile
  • HDRP Time Of Day Scene Culling Profile


I hope that this all makes sense. Please don't see any of this as criticism or a complaint - I think the underlying changes are great, and ultimately make this asset even more powerful and useful. I want to just understand it a bit better, and ensure I'm making the most of it.


Many thanks again and hope to hear from you soon!


Some useful version info around assets used:


  • Unity: 2023.3.18f1
  • HDRP Time of Day: 1.2.0
  • Gaia Pro 2021: 3.3.5 (ONLY for terrain generation. Not used in run-time project).
  • GeNa Pro: 3.4.6 (ONLY for spawning and paths. Not used in run-time project).
  • Crest Ocean HDRP: 4.16
  • Nature Manufacturer:
    • Forest Environment - Dynamic Nature: 1.8.8 (various nature prefabs, terrain trees and terrain details).
    • Meadow Environment - Dynamic Nature: 2.9.3 (various nature prefabs, terrain trees and terrain details)
    • Advanced Foliage Pack 2.0: 3.0.3 (terrain grass, terrain textures)
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