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Giai Pro 2021 - Real world data for height


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Hi Canopy


I'm currently recreating a part of our city for a VR CAVE we have at the municipality in a version 2 with trees, better textures etc..  I've been looking for a product to spawn different Biomes based on real world data we have in our GIS software.  After buying and testing the software it looks promising with your "Image Mask feature".  So far so good 🙂


My issue is that the height data I have pulled from out GIS software (which is based on a local laser scan of the terrain) is in 2x2 km tiles.  When trying to create a custom world I only get a chance to make tiles based on the power of 2, but following the traditional 2048.  Is there a way to customize this?  It would be a pretty big task to re-export all the datasets based on a grid of 2048 meter instead of the usual 2000 meters.  Is there a benefit to keep everything based on the 2048x2048 besides the rescaling of the arialphotos texture being rescaled slightly to fit the terrain in the power of 2?


Everything I pull from the GIS software is currently based on a 2x2 km grid system, so textures, mask, heightmaps etc. is fitting this format and not the 2048.


I tried to change the terrain size afterwards to 2,00 x 2,00 km and this works fine for a single tile, but can I do this with multiple terrain tiles and stille use your features as intended?  The final product have about 4x5 tiles all together, covering an area of 10 km x 8 km all together.




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