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How to deal with a sector positioned inside other sectors bounds?

Guilherme Freire

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I'm working on a first person game in a stylized city, to run on Meta Quest 2, and using Sectr to make it lighter. I'm using neighbor loader strategy, and dividing the city areas in sectors.


The problem appears when I have a building interior, at the same level as the city. I can turn it in a sector, but, as the sectors are cube shaped, it will be contained inside another larger sector of the city.


I'm not sure how to proceed from there, what's the best strategy, what are the best practices.

I could divide this larger sector in other smaller sectors, so they would not intersect with each other, or I could use another loader, such as Trigger Loader, to load/unload the interior, removing it from the neighbor logic. Is there a best take on it, how should I approach this problem?


The image below shows an example of our structure. There is a sector that has all the market area, between the front and back walls. There are also sectors for the first and second floors of the building, but they are inside the market sector. There will be more cases like this in our game, so we are looking for a good solution.


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I do remember this being an issue. 
You shouldnt have boxes inside of boxes or it could cause issues that you seeing. 
I typically use the sectors for entryways. From one room to another. 
Then I use the neighbor loader after all the sectors were made. 

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I'm not sure I understood your answer, could you elaborate it further?

Suppose I have a house with a yard around it. How could I divide in sectors so the yard would be unloaded when the player is inside the house?


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Let me just elaborate my example:


Initially I want to use Neighbors and I want that, while the Player is inside the house (away from the doors), the yard would be unloaded. In this example, that is not possible, as all of the house's bounds are inside the yard's bounds. Also some rooms would be inside another room's bounds.

How should I approach this situation? In our game, we will face this problem regularly.

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I was able to resolve this problem using the Neighbor Loader and setting it as Portal Determined in the Member component.

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