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Multi-Terrain support to create different biomes on a single scene


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Hi guys! I own Gaia Pro 2021, and I was wondering if there is a tutorial showing how to create, for example, 3 - 4 different terrains each one with different stamps on it (in other words, multi-terrain support on a single scene, to create different biomes for example, one terrain with sand, other with mountains and so on...). If there is a tutorial on how to do it or any documentation or the steps to create it would be much appreciated. Didn't find anything on youtube!


Thanks a lot!

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It would be the same process as a single terrain just with multiple. 
Not sure what you mean? 

You would just need to adjust the biome to fit to that terrain that you are working with. 
To do this move the spawner to that terrain and then click fit to terrain. 
You can enable the visualization just in case you need to make sure its going to spawn how you want. 

Thats really about the only thing different. 

In the terrain creation when you open the Gaia Manager - Create World. 
Click on the (+) icon and change the world size. 
If you are wanting to keep it in the same terrain. 
Then disable the: 
Create terrain scenes. 

Hopefully this helps. 


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Hi everyone! I might revive this topic because I have a similar issue I will explain:

I'm facing a challenge while working on a test scene with 36 terrains arranged in a 6x6 tile configuration, each terrain being 2048x2048 in size. It's a vast world, and for now, I haven't adjusted the streaming settings and I'm not intending to do that soon, so it's still in one scene. My goal is to populate these terrains with 2 test biomes and ensure that I have full control over the rules for each biome and their transitions.

To achieve this, I attempted to apply the multi-biome technique commonly used for single terrains. The approach involved adding an image mask to the biome controller, where both biome controllers share a generic mask template but are inverted for each biome. Unfortunately, this method didn't produce the desired results.

The problem lies in how the Spawners and the full Biome Controller handle the "Spawn Local" and "Spawn World" options. While the Spawners have separate options for each, the Biome Controller only has one "Spawn Biome" option, which essentially behaves like "Spawn World." Besides, the preview gizmo for the Biome Controller, with options "Fit to Terrain" and "Fit to World," is misleading. When using these options, the preview of the biome or spawners gets stretched, but upon applying global settings to multiple terrains, the rules selected get individually re-scaled for each terrain. As a result, each terrain ends up being treated as a tile, rather than the intended larger world.

My primary question is: Is there a way to make the exact thing I see in the preview gizmo work globally for multiple terrains? I want the rules and transitions to apply uniformly to all 36 terrains as if they were one large terrain.

I'm open to other suggestions for handling a very large world with multiple terrains while applying multiple biomes and controlling transitions if my approach is not the most appropriate. It's important to note that I wish to maintain the 36 terrain structure for now but I plan to scale it even larger eventually.

Any help or guidance would be very appreciated!

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So the issue is that when you click spawn world, it will still be capped due to the spawner range limitations. 
Spawn locally will allow you to spawn where the spawner range is. 
You could add a distance mask and then spawn but you would need to move the spawner around in order for it to generate in the areas you would like. 

The other way of handling it would be to use the world designer, but you would need to create your world through the world designer and then add the biomes for it to spawn "World" the way you want it. 

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