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Plains - Crater Field


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A set of 10 stamps with varying crater patterns. Works really nicely when mixed with other stamps as well.

To change the depth of the craters, use the scale control to increase and decrease its scale in the Y direction.

The texturing here is just alpine meadow... would also be well suited to different texture sets to get different looks.

Grab 20220101174107 w1920h1080 x-1032y151z-637r54.jpg

Grab 20220101174227 w1920h1080 x1011y294z-34r271.jpg

Grab 20220101175105 w1920h1080 x-647y78z-391r67.jpg

Grab 20220101141430 w1920h1080 x-1168y243z-87r84.jpg

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