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Trigger events for entering / leaving the room


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Hello all,


my first article here :). 


I am implementing a lightening system at the moment. I have lights, which are going on, when somebody is entring a room and switching off when leaving it. For this I have to know, if characters are entering / leaving the room. I was wondering, if I can use SECTR to find this out via trigger events.(It would be better for performance if I would not need to check this in Update() ). I have studied the documentation and the API, but besides the trigger events for loading I haven't found anything helpful.


What I have done so far is using the bounds of sectors to find out, if somebody is within them, but this will not work properly if the room is not a perfect rectangle. I am even wondering if I can create a sector for a not-rectangle room - that's my second question actually.


Any ideas?


Thank you


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Could you potentially tie into the Neighbor Loader? 
It should load the room before and after or you can specify how many additional rooms it can load. 

The only other thing I can think of would be to tie into Sectr Vis 

I will check on a few things and see what I can come up with! 


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