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URP time of day - Sun/Moon odd behaviour


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I'm experiencing a strange issue when turning on time of day, the size of the Sun/Moon changes in a cycle so if you would imagine it starts off small, then grow to large, jumps back to small and repeats. This causes a flicker, of course the faster the time of day moves the faster the flicker, but if matching real-time it's a fairly high frequency. 


Is this a known issue, is it related to Gaia or Unity? Any idea how to fix it? I've tried setting sun size and convergence size to a fixed value to see if that was the cause but it made no difference.


I'm using 2022.2.1f1

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Honestly no its been a long time since I have seen it, I just googled it and found it through Unity's known issues. 
It has to do with the sharpness of the light change (12:59 to 00:00).
By adjusting the tod profile you can make so it doesnt do that by cutting out that time zone. 

Great example of this would be Escape from tarkov (if you have heard of this game), made by Unity they have the same issue. 

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Thanks, I don't think we are talking about the same issue. I can reproduce it manually when changing the minutes only the slightest. Is there a way to upload pictures here? 

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Okay so I've looked at the cycle. The distinct jumps happen at a little bit of an inconsistent timeframe if we look at the minute scale. But I think if we can tweak the time update to only update in specific chunks it would clean up the flickering. 


So the way it works is that the Sun/Moon are increased instantly from smallest to largest size, then reduced back to the smaller size a little slower, but it's never smooth, always in steps with dead areas between where the size doesn't change. To be more clear, in the afternoon at 16:30ish here is the exact times it jumps from large size to small size:




Each time the increment is exactly the difference between the previous steps + 0.0008


In the morning at 7:30ish it looks different



So my thinking is if we only update in minute sizes of 0.3 there will be a flicker here and there but for the most part is should be clean. Can you please babysit me with which script controls the TOD settings? I'll give it a go and see if I can sort it out.

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