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Changing the package path


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I changed the path of the entire procedural worlds package and now it doesn't spawn ocean anymore and when I play some things are lost but no error appears on the console. I saw a post saying to reimport the package, but that doesn't work either, I've deleted everything and installed it again and nothing works. Does anyone know what can it be?

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Hi @Erich, it should be possible to move the Procedural Worlds folder (as long as you keep the folder structure below intact). There have been issues with that in the past, but those should be gone in the newer Gaia releases.

My first guess would be that there is an issue with the water shader and / or the water setup in the scene. When you create the water in the scene, does it create the Gaia Water and Water Surface objects in the Gaia Runtime? Does the Water Surface object have two materials assigned to it, both with functioning shaders that do not display in pink when inspecting them?


If you can, can you please upload a screenshot of the water object after you create it? (If there is any, that is.)

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It should create the folder hierarchy if nothing is in the project yet. If it finds already existing procedural worlds folders, the package installer will try to put stuff into already existing folders first (to support the case when the user has moved the folder).
It knows if the folder from the package is already in the project by comparing an ID that is stored in the .meta files that you will find in the file system looking at an unity project.
It looks like it did create no lighting either, since there is no skybox? Or did you turn that option off in the Create runtime tab? Can you please post a screenshot of the Gaia Runtime object unfolded so I can see what it created and what not?

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These were the objects they created. I created a new project to test and everything worked. But it will be work to pass everything from this to the other.

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I found out that it's something with the project's build, when I compile server only and the project gets stuck without being able to create the world. To get it working again I change to Client and restart the project and then yes it works.

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Hi @Erich,

to my knowledge we do not query the build settings checkbox for server builds actively in code, but I could imagine that unity does something under the hood that prevents water / lighting / post processing etc. to be spawned since the server setting is supposed to suppress visual elements in favor for a headless server build. If it works without that setting the solution would be to keep that switched off while working on the client build.
The list of Flora Renderers seems to be empty, can you please try to run the grass spawner again? This should fill the list of Flora Renderers with vegetation items to render.

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