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Why does Gaia think I'm underwater?

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Hello everyone. I'm facing this issue and I cant seem to find a proper solution even after trying several things. Not sure why but on this particular terrain the underwater FX get triggered even if the player is literally in the sky. I have attached two screenshots to maybe help. In the second one I just disabled the Post Proccessing to make it easier to see where the water is. Thank you in advance for any help!spacer.pngspacer.png

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Hi @stevanas, Gaia normally "knows" if it is underwater by checking the height of the camera that is set up in the Underwater Effects object against the sea level. If the camera goes below the height of this sea level, the underwater effects should kick in. If the checkbox for "start underwater" is checked, the underwater FX will be active immediately at scene start as well.
Can you please check if the correct camera is set up in here, and the sea level height also checks out?


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Hello! Yep checked the box and it's unchecked. I have played around with the sea level but no luck. When I set the sea level to 0 the FX go away but then there is no water of course. I've also tried moving the object you mentioned or any of the PostProccessing but then it messes up the underwater triggerr which makes sense. Gaia sets that all up properly by default. Also, I don't believe Gaia thinks I'm actually underwater because when I actually go underwater the other FX kick in like the sounds etc. My spawner is really high and my camera is as well. Im instantiating on a network but I had no issues like this on other terrains. Thank you for your help

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Solved it! Turns out the PP Layer was referencing the wrong camera prefab as a trigger. Not really sure how this happened but the issue was my fault. Multiple debug statements did the trick to trace down the actual issue. Appreciate the help now back to worl building!

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