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Draw distance for trees


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Hello. I have a small island, 256x256, and there aren't that many trees on it. But the draw distance for trees is smaller than the island, so it's very disconcerting to see trees pop in on the island. I found where to change the distance for grass, but I couldn't find something like that for trees. How could I change the draw distance to be sure all trees 256m away are drawn?


Thank you

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Was there a solution to this? I currently am only rendering trees up to like 100m I can see no way to increase this.. I have already tried modifying the culling scripts on the camera.

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You can do one of two options: 
1. Adjust the LOD of the trees. 
- Click on the spawner, then under the tree go to its resources, click on the prefab, and then adjust the LOD levels. 

2. Click on the terrain and go to settings. 
- Then under Tree and Detail Object Increase the Tree Distance and Billboard Start:  

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