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Update: Gaia ML & The AI Game Dev Toolkit v.3.3.3


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We released an update for the AI Game Dev Toolkit. The toolkit can be downloaded by all Members from Canopy. You can find the update in the  download section here:

AI Game Development Toolkit (Gaia ML) Download


Version 3.3.3

This version can be installed directly over the previous Gaia ML version 3.3.1

  • Fixed a bug with the model selection list in the Inference UI that would occur in newer Unity versions

Updated the included Gaia version with the following fixes:

  • Reviewed compatibility with Unity 2022.2 and fixed issues in this new Unity version; Gaia is compatible with Unity 2022.2 now.
  • Added better support for the new terrain detail features added in Unity 2022.2.
  • New Terrains will now be created with the "Detail Scatter Mode" set to "Instance Count Mode" as this delivers the same results as in previous Gaia versions.
  • Added all new Terrain Detail Features such as "Align to Ground" in the Detail Prototype Settings in the spawner when running Unity 2022.2.
  • Fixed outdated links in the Gaia Manager
  • Improved Wording in some UI texts

About the AI Game Dev Toolkit:

The AI Game Development Toolkit is a cooperation between Intel and Procedural Worlds that allows you to quickly and easily run and experiment with Artificial Intelligence (AI) controlled inferences within your Unity projects.

With the included Gaia ML Edition you can quickly generate a complex landscape and test AI tasks such as object detection based on your game camera or style transfers with it. The toolkit also doubles as a learning and development template for programming your own AI applications based on Intel OpenVino or Unity Barracuda.

You can find more information about the toolkit here:

For more information specific to the base foundational code of the AI inferences, please visit the GitHub repository:

For more information about installing and using this toolkit, please see this quickstart guide video and the canopy library article:


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