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Best way to generate list of terrains with a certain tag


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For my game I'm looking for a smart way for a player to claim a terrain in a persistent world. I'm thinking about generating a list of available terrains that can be claimed. Make a selection of x amount of terrains which are presented to the player by a NPC, player visits those terrains, makes the choice and tells the NPC which terrain she wants. That terrain gets marked as claimed, while the other terrains remain in the claimable list.

To achieve this, I was thinking of auto-generating the list based on all the terrains in the project with the tag claimable (or something).

I would like to know if this is all possible, so:

1. Can I tag terrains that have been created in Gaia Pro (especially larger terrains that will trigger the terrain loader)?

If 1 is possible:

2. Since the terrain loader loads and unloads terrains in a scene, what is best approach to generate the list of terrains?


Thanks for the help!

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