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Large-ish world creation tutorals


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I did go through https://canopy.procedural-worlds.com/library/tools/gaia-pro-2021/ but I didn't really find what I was looking for - that or I was not understanding what I found. Are there any tutorials specifically dealing with larger maps that use multiple terrain scenes? I'm not really understanding the concept of multiple scenes in Unity - which may very well be my problem here - but I am actively researching this.


I'd like to create a 11 x 11 x 1024m map. Terrain and Unload options become enabled. A number of additional scenes are created. How do I work with these?


(Apologies if this is noobish. I'm doing my prototype testing and even with 128GB of ram on a new 7950x system I'm still getting errors dealing with a single 11km^2 map.)

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No problem! 

So creating terrain scenes is actually a great thing to do when doing massive worlds. 
The reason for that is each scene in Unity uses Ram and Memory. 
When creating a multi-terrain world that allows for unloading scenes ( and terrains ) this will save you ram and memory usage based off the scenes that are loaded in. 

To manage this, you would want to click on the terrain loader. 
From here you can unload and load scenes in to work on them. 

You can also adjust the terrain loaders. 

For example: 
When using the Stamper moving around the world the scenes will load and unload depending if they are in the range of the stamper. 

Some of them are automatically unloaded to save editor performance. 
Depending on your pc specs you may be able to load all of them in (until you start filling your world). 

You can adjust the terrain loader that is attached to the player. 
This you will need to adjust to your needs! 

Hopefully this helps! 


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