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Adding new terrain spawn - resource management for terrain textures

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Hi! I am creating a new "Desert Biome", starting completely from scratch. I've downloaded some assets from the Unity Asset Store to help me:

Both come with terrain textures that I'd like to use. In the new spawn rule, I can either:

  1. Add Texture, Normal map and Mask map assets directly into the rule
  2. Drop a "Terrain Texture" into Drop Resource Type

I can't figure out how to use my asset store assets with either of these methods.

The textures that I've downloaded come as a ".terrainlayer" file, with associated "Albedo" and "Normal" texture files or just as ".terrainlayer" files.

Can you please help me understand what I need to do to add these textures into my new spawn rule?

Thank you!


  • Unity 2021.2.6f1
  • HDRP 12.1.2
  • Gaia Pro 2021 3.1.3 
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  • Solution

You would need to add the single texture files that you have into the appropiate slots in the resource settings.
Albedo / Diffuse (the "color" of the surface) goes into texture
normal texture goes in normal map
Mask texture goes in Mask map -> The mask map is a combined texture used by unity to store certain features like smoothness etc. in a single texture. It can be that the asset does not include this texture, but the texture spawning should work regardless.

You can see this process in the texture spawner tutorial here at around 8:15:


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Thanks Peter!

I've tried this, and get some odd areas of "black" in my biome. Here's the Spawer:


And the Preview looks promising:


But when I spawn the texture:


Any thoughts on what I'm missing?

Thank you!

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In addition to what MiTschMR said: It looks like this could be the water level maybe? It looks to me like this thing is just like a plane that sits on / intersects with the terrain, I'm not 100% sure that is regular terrain texturing since it does not seem to have any shading at all. Try to zoom in on that black and see if you can remove it by painting on the terrain manually with the terrain inspector or if you can go under it with the camera, my bet is it is the water or something else entirely.

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I fired up my project this morning to have another crack at this. Re-added the texture spawn rule with the Albedo and Normal files provided with the downloaded asset. Clicked Spawn World, worked a charm!


Absolutely no idea why, but at least it works!

Thanks again for your help folks, really appreciate it!

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