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GeNa preserve game object...


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Not entirely sure what that script does but can you please remove the "donotdestroyonload" for it? Every time I switch scenes back and forth it is duplicating itself, only option I have is to delete GeNa from the scene once I am done with developing the scene the way I want, if I leave it on, it is constantly adding another copy of itself in the do not destroy list.  All of the tools should stay with the given scene and not keep making copies of themself to other scenes, that would be a great change, the work around for now is for me to just delete GeNa component from the scene before testing in the game.

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Hi, I checked and I can confirm that those GeNa objects do get added to "DontDestroyOnLoad". I'm not that deeply involved with GeNa development, but I assume it is this way because GeNa does work for runtime spawning as well and then needs some objects that survive a scene change. However it does not sound correct to me that those objects duplicate themselves then, I will check back with the team to see if that is intended behavior and / or if it can be changed.
It will probably take a bit to get a reply back from team as we are officially still on vacation until after the new years weekend.

Tagging @Manny for visibility.

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If they then can move the EventSystem to the scene root so it is a shared EventSystem instead of placing it on the UI element that is preferred, or simply do not tie it to the EventSystem at all, plus do it as a singleton, I totally understand the vacation thing, I use this time to try to build up the game more, didn't expect many answers to questions during your down time, I appreciate what you give when you can. I am rebuilding some scense that I built without GAIA And GeNa now using those tools, but having GeNa keep duplicating itself from scene to scene is rather annoying.  I figured I would wait on a response about how you can resolve it in the source before I try to write a single script that looks for GeNa on start and deletes it from the scene if it finds more than 1, probably have to write that as a post load event.  Thanks again.

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