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Terrain Detail

Ugur Tuna

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Hi, when I add some bush or grass prefabs as a terrain detail navmesh still considers them as obstacles; how can I set them as non navmesh area objects like grass textures?

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Hi, are you sure it is terrain details that you are using? As far as I know terrain details should be ignored for nav meshes normally. If it is terrain trees, then unity will use the LOD level you have selected in the terrain tree prototype for navmesh baking. Depending on how the plant looks this can give good or bad results. We have the issue with the synty fantasy kingdom pack where we add grasses and bushes as terrain trees as well. You can fix this by adding an empty LOD level in the prefab:


....and then say in the LOD level selection for the tree that should be used for the Navmesh baking that you want to use that empty level.....


Result is then that this empty LOD level is used for the navmesh baking and this "tree" will not be used in the navmesh baking anymore:


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Yes I am sure that I selected bushes and flowers as terrain details. I checked all of them again. 



I couldn't find any size property as you shown. I am not sure that is what you suggested but I added that blue coloured lod , spawned all again, baked navmesh again and still the same problem. @Peter


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I think there is something mysterious going on: 
- In our original Biome spawners for the Alpine Meadow Biome, those bushes are spawned as terrain trees, not as terrain details
- Those bushes have multiple LOD levels, which mean they should not be rendered as terrain details to begin with (the unity terrain detail system does not support LOD levels)

You can of course change the resource type in the spawner to spawn terrain details instead, but I think that would not work with those assets since they are using LODs.

Could it maybe be that you switched the bushes to be spawned as terrain details in the spawner settings and spawn them, but what you are actually seeing in the scene view is the bushes of the original spawn? Could you please check if you have these bushes as prototypes in the terrain tree tab, and if you can remove those from the terrain when shift+clicking with the brush of the terrain inspector?

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Posted (edited)

@Peter Yes I edited - changed them as terrain details but; how can I change a lod level for a tree because I couldn't do it. Can I also prevent trees's leafs to be consider as navmesh obstacles?

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21 hours ago, Ugur Tuna said:

but; how can I change a lod level for a tree because I couldn't do it.

Do you mean selecting which LOD level the tree should use when the navmesh is baked? You can select this the following way:

1. Select the terrain in the scene hierarchy.
2. Select the Tree tab in the terrain inspector
3. Click on the tree you want to edit
4. Click the button where it says "Edit Trees" and select "Edit Tree..."
5. That brings up the window where you can select the LOD level for navmesh baking
6. Click Apply to apply the changes

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