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Assign Ambient manager at runtime to the player main camera


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hello I need to assign the Ambient manager at runtime: In my scene I have a spawner which will spawn the player with the main camera. In the API there is a moveto method.  But when this is used no ListenerRelay is attached to the player and the Ambient manager is not working. 

What is the correct way to attach the Ambient manager at runtime (not at design time).

thank you very much

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Sorry for the long delay. 
If I remember there is an auto delete as well. 
So it could be that after its being moved it deletes itself. 

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Hi Bryan, sorry i do not understand how this helps to assign a player to the ambient manager at runtime. is there no API which does this?  

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If another manager already exists, in OnEnable(), if "m_replaceManagerOnLoad" is enabled, it will destroy the old copy instead. Then if "m_autoMoveManager" is enabled and it is not on the created "AmbienceManager" object, then it will start a coroutine to move to that object.
So as long as "m_replaceManagerOnLoad" is true and "m_autoMoveManager" is off, it should stay on the object you place it on.
at the end of startup, it will then search for the "AudioListener" in the scene (usually on the camera) and place a "ListenerRelay" component on that object if it isn't the same object as the AmbienceManager.
The best solution though would be to not attach the ambience manager to the player and instead, if your AudioListener is on the player you can add a ListenerRelay to it. Then just make sure to update the "m_playerObject" on the manager to point to the new player for position data to be updated properly.

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