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Problem with Unity 2021 (vs Unity 2020)


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Both screenshots are a scene cre ated with Gaia Pro 2021 + GeNa Pro (latest versions).
The first is Unity 2020 (HDRP), the second is Unity 2021 (HDRP).
As you can see, in the scene with Unity 2021, the grass has a kind of graininess to it.
Any idea how to fix it ?
(I have this problem with all my Gaia/Gena projects with Unity 2021) 

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Is the effect just limited to the grass, or does it show up elsewhere in the scene? 


If it affects everything, you try and see if it is a post processing issue. Select the HD Post Processing Environment Volume in the scene, and turn some of the settings on and off to see if changes the affect.

image.png.9cbe2b1da22293a7578977dd81ec5f78.pngimage.png.a5def40cfb837c96c1ff56c9a2e4aa34.pngIt could also be related to the anti aliasing on your camera, change these settings and see if it makes a difference: image.png.393d9c41ebb9cde794c8ecd93867270b.png


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