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Conflict issue between "Poly Few" Assets


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안녕하세요. 기존에 개발하던 프로젝트에 GTS를 추가했더니 이런 이슈가 생겼습니다.

“Poly Few” Asset 끼리의 충돌 이슈라고 판단됩니다.

Poly Few 에셋스토어 정보 :https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/utilities/poly-few-mesh-simplifier-and-auto-lod-generator-160139

이슈가 생기고 나서 Poly few를 다시 임포트 했을때 생기는 이슈 창 입니다.

이후에 다시 GTS를 임포트 했을때 생기는 디버그 창 입니다.

정확한 원인파악을 해보려고 했지만 어려웠습니다.

Poly Few Asset은 LOD System 에 중요한 Asset 이라 제거하기 힘듭니다.

어떻게 이 이슈를 해결 할 수 있을까요?

현재 시스템 정보는

유니티 버전은 Unity 2021.3.6f LTS 입니다.



hello. This issue arose when I added GTS to the project I was developing.

It is judged to be a conflict issue between “Poly Few” Assets.

About Poly Few Asset Store: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/utilities/poly-few-mesh-simplifier-and-auto-lod-generator-160139

This is the debug window that appears when you re-import "Poly few" after an issue.

This is the debug window that appears when GTS is imported again later.image.thumb.png.6138df8cf91aeef8405b36ba60c5a1c5.png

I tried to figure out the exact cause, but it was difficult.

Poly Few Asset is an important asset to the LOD System and it is difficult to remove.

How can we solve this issue?



Unity version is Unity 2021.3.6f LTS.

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Thats sadly the bad thing when it comes to name spacing. 
You would need to adjust one of the assets namespace in order for it to work correctly. 
In this case Poly Few helps reduce assets and then you are done using it. 

So I really see 3 options here: 
1. You can change the namespaces in Gts (which can kinda be a pain). 
2. Open a new project with Polyfew and then reduce the assets. Then take those reduced assets into the new project. 
3. Remove polyfew after you have gone through the project and reduced the assets. You would want to not add GTS until this process is completed. 

If I am not mistaken Polyfew doesnt need to stay in the project after you reduce your assets. 


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