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Can you Still Create BillBoard Flowers-Grass Spawners in GPro2023?


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The Sample Coniferous and ALpine just use meshes for the grasses and flowers, and when i tried to use Billboards grasses and set them as Terrain Texture and then spawn the biome my whole Unity went wacko and When i try to go near the terrain everything turns black.

Is Terrain Texture now only for the terrain? I remember i used Grass billboards and flower billboards in Gaia Pro 2021 fine when i used it. I even posted a picture of it recently in my other thread . If it still works in Gaia Pro 2023 how do you do it?

Here's a picture How i'm trying it but like i said When i tried to spawn these my Unity got wacko even to the point that after i exited that scene and opened the default Outdoor scene that comes with unity , there was like a circle similar to a shadow in the groundless scene and it wouldn't go away even after restarting. Luckly it went away after.

I thought tons of Meshes is something we try to avoid, so i hope there is a way to use billboards still.


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Your grass would be terrain details. 
Your Trees are terrain trees. 
You are only allowed 8 textures per terrain (this is Unitys limitation). 
Its been that way for pretty much ever unless you had a terrain shader that allowed for more. 
However, Unity has only supported 8 textures. 

Now as far as billboards are concerned that's on the vegetation itself is where you control that. 

You can spawn trees and vegetation as game objects but that's about it or you go details and trees. 

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I see. Thanks. If i use Mesh Grass instead of Billboards. How do i make it so that it doesn't spawn that much? i have a few mesh grass i bought from unity store. But if it spawns the whole terrain with these grass meshes, it will have performance problems right? Especially on my low end computer.

Do i use the Location option and make it high so it doesn't make too much dense grass?

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If you are going to spawn them as meshes I would use something like GPU Instancer. 
Otherwise, you are going to have massive problems with performance. 
In that tool, you can select the target density. 

However, if that's not an option you can just add rules to reduce the spawns like the Noise Masks etc. 
Additionally, you can reduce the spawn Probability Rate in the Resource itself. 
You can increase the Location Increments as well (the larger the number the less spawns you will have). 
You can also change the Global Spawn Density. 

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