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White marks around textures when touching up


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I use texture spawners to help with the texturing of my terrains.

After the spawner finishes I touch up and add detail to certain parts.

I notice if I try to paint textures after the spawner completes it leaves white marks around the edges.

But if I texture the whole area by hand it never happens.

How do I stop this from happening?



After (Small).JPG

Before (Small).JPG

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I am only painting a texture. Nothing special.

Do you mean when Gaia is doing the texturing?

Because I have a noise mask applied to the grass.

Works great till I try to manually paint on the terrain.

How do I fix it?

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I tried removing the noise mask but it still happens, but maybe not as bad.

I have no problem blending any of these textures if not generated by Gaia.


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This just looks like blending. 
If you increase the strength does it still happen and you paint on it? 

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Yeah, it only happens when using the noise. Not sure why that affects it, but it does. Too bad looks much better with noise on.

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You can try applying a strength mask as well. 
Then increase the strength a lot and you shouldn't get these issues potentially. 


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Taking a look at this: 

We can see the really black area which is the strongest. 
Then it tries to blend in. 

If we adjust the Strength transform on the noise mask: 

We get more solid areas: 

Which is what you are going to be after 


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