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Asset Inventory 2 Integration for Gaia (Pro) 2023


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We are proud to announce an integration with the brand-new Asset Inventory 2 for Gaia! Asset Inventory is a versatile asset indexing and database system that allows you to search and find assets in all packages that you own on the asset store - including ones that are not even installed in your project yet.


With the integration, you can start looking for suitable assets for the Gaia spawners across your entire inventory with a single click.

When you decide on an asset to use, only the required files will be brought into the project. This can greatly speed up the process and save storage space when you only want to bring in a single asset from a package.

To use the new integration, you need to have Asset Inventory 2 and the latest Gaia 2023 version 4.0.8 installed (both Gaia Pro and non-Pro work). Then, you will see a button in the resource settings of the Gaia spawner that allows you to open the asset search window directly to browse for a matching asset.

2024-03-26 21_06_37-Asset Inventory Test - SampleScene - Windows, Mac, Linux - Unity 2022.3.21f1_ _D.png

Asset Inventory 2 was just released and is currently 50% off in the asset store as launch discount. Please check it out following the link below:

Asset Inventory 2 on the Unity Asset Store

Any questions about the integration? Please ask away in the Gaia section on our forum.

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